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  • Syandene

    01/09/2023 at 2:16 am

    I think it would be really great to have a discussion about independant artists that are shaping the face of the music and arts industry and how the music industry as a whole struggles to appreciate these supernatural eclectics.

    Thinking of such individuals as:

    Aurora with her debut album-Lucid- showcase track-Stronger. Arima Ederra who annoints any song created by herself. But ‘Natures Commodity’ is a real showcase track. Gwen Bunn from her ‘The Verdict ‘ album with showcase tracks being ‘Turn the lights out’ and ‘let me’

    Devon Culture who literally annoints anything he touches musically especially his Chris Brown cover ‘Under The Influence and Eric Bellenger’s ‘obsession’ Jac Ross’s cover of Tamia’s ‘So into you’ M-Bass’s cover of Muni Long’s ‘Hrs and Hrs’ and last but not least Jamie Woods and Valencia Robinson. The list is endless.

    Granted. Some of these artists fall into what contemporary soul looks like in this day and age but its the calibre of the music produced, Vocals and songwriting skills that really take centre stage. Sadly a dieing art in this technocratic age