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  • Wayne

    10/14/2022 at 4:11 pm

    Recap: After reading my initial inquiry, it doe seem to be a bit disjointed’

    Point: As we move into the process of ascending, the first stop for many seems to be the chaos of letting go of all the false learning. The process may also include losses of a material and financial nature. My question was related to the ensueing chaos related to the (seemingly) more tangible material losses i.e. housing, income etc. Since my original post, I have reached some of my own conclusions which I will share.

    As you progress, be prepared to have your world turned upside down. It is one thing to “believe” in something and quite another to “know” it… The road to “knowing” may cover some rough terrain. If you should find yourself passing through such terrain, keep in mind that nothing and noone lasts forever. Know that whatever you may be going through will come to an end. Be diligent. Always seek the lesson in the situation. Don’t allow yourself to become attached to the “appearance of things”. Consider it to be nothing more than a show, a performance. that holds for you a lesson, that you, yourself have deemed important. Become the observer. During those times of difficulty, learn to look at the situation, not as yours (don’t claim it) but as as situation. As the observer, what would you tell the person that you are observing? Ask for the lesson. Try not to allow for “why is this happening to me”, but “this too shall pass. What can I learn from this experience.

    Imagine the issue to be like a kite, as you become emotionally attached to the issue you add more strings. The more you talk about it, you add more strings, When you tell people about it … strings. The more strings… the more difficult it will be to let go.

    Become the observer. Watch as it comes (what you did or did not do to manifest it). As it attempts to settle in, ask for the lesson. Seek the lesson and let it go….. Its existence (whatever “It” is), It’s life, if you will, depends on your attention for its survival…. LEARN AND LET GO…. LEARN TO LET GO

    Take heart in know that it was created by you and you have the power to change it… IT’S ALL JUST AN ILLUSION.