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  • suki

    10/14/2022 at 2:39 am

    Your commentary was sort of bouncing all over the place, but in some crazy way I felt I understood because I feel like I have been bouncing all over the place in my journey to ascension. I take two steps upward, one step back, one step up, two steps back down… And I think sometimes we need to take time to grieve the loss of the life we thought was real, before we can become what we are truly meant to be. So I say, it’s okay to feel the loss, and sometimes the confusion over what used to be highly valued and what we were taught to believe was important toward success. To lose our ego feels like a loss of part of yourself. But we do need to say goodbye to that as best we can so we can look forward, not back, forward toward the better life we were meant to live. The life we CAN live if we open our hearts to it. (and not forget, it takes practice and time).

    So maybe I understood? If not, that’s okay too because I got something out of your post, enough to want to respond, so thank you. Best wishes to you in your ascension.