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  • Dino

    09/14/2022 at 1:42 am

    Broaden your perspective, human psychology might help you word your feelings better. If you’re struggling to stay in higher dimensions, something in the lower dimension is blocking you. Spirituality is a very individual experience, which gives you the ability to tune into other people their experience. It can be overwhelming for someone who is not in tune with you and if there is struggle, this is somewhat part of the spiritual experience. Find a way to word your spirituality in the language your partner would understand. I tend to just call the belief in the universe “God”. That which contains everything and all there ever will be. No need to sound extra special, it’s the act of forgiving them for their inability to understand you which some refer to as Jesus Christ, to sacrifice yourself for the sin of the other. They might not see the goodness of the feeling you feel in that condition because they cant experience it yet. This tends to be a weakness of theirs and not so much a lack of yours. Dont use Gods name in vain they always say. Maybe that applies for this as well. I’ve been through a similair struggle recently and had quite a rough go at it. We managed to get through it together though. No need to be extra defensive about it. Love is the answer.