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  • Wayne

    08/17/2022 at 5:16 am

    Descending… Before ascension… There seems to be a theme of loss, personal chaos and to some extent, self destruction as a first step, letting go of everything wiping the slate clean, if you wil,l that many go through as a part of the awakening process. I don’t know if everyone has to experience it but it seems like a common enough experience. I want to talk about staying afloat. How do you know that you haven’t just lost it. How do you continue to be effective in a world that you no longer believe in? How can you continue to believe in yourself when all the check marks seem to be going in the other column? Weakness of character, will?

    Can you on any level decide that enough is enough in order to make tangible progress toward becoming. Or is it decided beyond you… That you are ready? How do you learn to consistently transcend in the pull between opposing energies. Is it a matter of will, desire? Is it brute force and discipline… How do you become new remember and not look back…? How do you become the example for those who also struggle? Ego?

    What good is knowing if you can’t seem to get going anywhere? Not theory. Not cliche practical practice to slow, stop and change the direction that momentum now carries you…

    Practical methods for surviving the chaos that is now and that which is soon to come?

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