Most frequent questions and answers

Everyone is allowed to write and publish blogs on this community. This is free and unlimited. So, start your blog with us today and inspire others to live a better life. Please note that your blog posts must not go against our community guideline. But conspiracy theories are respectfully allowed.

Yes, that is one of the main purpose of this community; to help you connect with like-minded people who want to share their thoughts and ideas with others and discuss more about spirituality and self development. You can create your own group and start building your own community.

Yes, if the community is no longer serving your purpose, you can easily delete your account.

Yes, as far as you are a lifetime member, you will have access to unlimited downloads of our files uploaded on this website. But if you are a member and don’t want your files to be downloaded by other members, you can choose to set it private.

Yes, This community is integrated with zoom. You can even set-up a zoom meeting with other members and publish it yourself at will.

Everybody is allowed to upload files on this community, and the file must not go against our community guidelines. Please Note!!! Your file must not exceed 40Mb.

Yes, you can do this at will. But if you want to publish art works you want to sell, you have to contact us for publication via info@hotep_kemetyu.com.

Yes, if what you want to shop with us, you can redesign any available item on our shopping page, simply by clicking the PERSONALIZE DESIGN Button, which is below the “ADD TO CART Button.” Then, upload your own design by clicking on the already customized art work. In case of error, make sure to reload the page, if not, do not hesitate to contact us via info@hotepkemetyu.com. Note! Only lifetime members are allow to download our arts and videos.

No! You can send your message request to other members and wait for acceptance. Please, make sure you respect other people’s opinion.

No, of course this is not a government own platform. So therefore, conspiracy theorist are respectfully allowed to share their conspiracy thoughts and ideas.  Here is considered as a community of free and like- minded people.   Just feel at home to express yourself! Note!!! Read the community guideline first.

Disrespectful and harmful comments, Sexual contents. Any thing low vibrational is extremely against our community guideline, because we created this for the sole purpose of uplifting the soul.

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