The table has turned 

Good morning beautiful galactic beings.

About a month ago ,I started to pay more attention to my surroundings and could notice things that was link to my thoughts. 

I am a African born, but grew up in France and then moved to UK after my children were adults.  I started to call my ancestors for help about 4-5 years ago, and could communicate. About 2 years ago after my 50, I decided to come and discover Africa by myself. 

I chose Ghana,  because of the pride and the kindness of Ghanaians.

After a  month road trip. Africa was born in me. 

Anytime I came,  I started and ended with the same hotel,  for no reason, it’s far but I was drawn to it

 This is the 3rd time and this I have discovered why. It is the 3rd arm of the the Dentsu that need to be open to the sea by the diaspora and the African to turn the table, because that is what God and our ancestors are asking.  I see the future and we need to connect now and save the world. 

I have picture to prove it. 

I need you to work with me, I need we to be one and enjoy paradise.

I am Maat, I am Justice, I am Love, Peace, Harmony and Life. 

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