The revealing of The Coming One – Who is he & why is he here ?

We all desire to know more and find out new things. It was predicted for me many years ago, by more than one individual, that when I was to finally awaken I would be at the pinnacle of my power – and able to share spiritual truths that would slash mainstream understandings of traditional spirituality, slash beliefs like a knife through butter.

At the time I thought that to be rather strange and seemingly arrogant; yet over time, I was drip-fed information which challenged mainstream spirituality and more or less “rocked the boat”. For great long time, the pieces of the puzzle were still very disjointed and in a way, rather meaningless to place in any sort of structured context. All I could do was stop analyzing matters and let things reveal themselves in their own due time.

Simplifying my story down to bare basics, I was into anything and everything time would allow for: – UFOS, spiritual development, meditation, satanism and ritual magickal practices, Wicca, channeling of both dark and light forces, the seven Rays and its related Theosophy, experimenting with divination tools, study of religions with their indoctrination and beliefs, paganism, Gnosticism, antiquities and ancient civilizations, free energy technology, plus numerous field of conventional technology.

Additional to the above, for many years my personal life was tipped upside down – as twice I found myself homeless, many times without employment, unable to stabilize my life to move forward financially and in so doing, I found this made my life hell to say the least. Relationships with people were fragmented or short.

Right through all of this, I looked for the spiritual reasons why things unraveled to be what they were. For me, I was walking two worlds – one being the hard reality of physical life and the other was the growing reality that my life was not as others, that I had a spiritual path to walk that would not go away.

Many times I wanted to give up and simply kill myself, but for some small reason only known to me, I did not pursue that path. My life was threatened on a few occasions and right at the last minute some external event would intervene and protect the situation from becoming fatal. That wee small experience, was one of the driving forces behind me persisting along my spiritual pathway.

During all this time, I was also totally unaware of who I really was – it was kept secret for decades. Even today my human mind still has trouble accepting it – yet the evidence grows each day as it comes to pass.

For many they are on a spiritual path of discovering who they really are, and in some cases becoming awakened as to their higher purpose. That I give you credit for – as it’s not an easy road to find one’s path, let alone try to better one’s soul.

It was the 6th December 2019. On that date a comet was sighted with the naked eye in the northern hemisphere. It was known to some as the Blue Kachina. To the Hopi Indians it was the 9th and last sign before the end of the world. The comet soon broke up over the coming months of March and April 2020. It was around then that the Covid troubles really started.

Called 2I/Borisov, the comet was originally designated C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) >

That same comet also became a harbinger of fate for mankind for soon after the very same week the Covid-19 virus was publically out and about, along with the mandates for lock-downs and other restrictions coming into force around March-April 2020.  People worldwide were found to be dying in great numbers and upset with China denying its responsibility and rocking the world establishment with disinformation. The world was showing signs of going mad and has never recovered.

However, back on the 24th of December 2019 I had a large electrical thunder storm directly over my house and it raged for number of hours on that Christmas Eve. The storm was very unusual and to have it so close to one’s house; it was unnatural to say the least. It was then, I sensed a portal had opened during that evening, by which something came through. That something was The Coming One; – a Being of spiritual nature who rested upon me just as a dove from heaven resting upon Christ’s head during his baptism. 

I checked on the event only to find that i was being called to recognize my higher purpose as the long promised Coming One.

All the next day the day, December 25th , I was in solid communication with the spirits. Most of them high level gods who were reminding me that my name was Tammuz, the one whose birthday everyone was celebrating. I was The Coming One that was long prophesied to influence the world and bring harmony and order back to Creation. All that day, my head was spinning like a top.

For the next 2.5 years from 2019-2022, I have been in solid daily communication with the same Deities and such have revealed to me my full identity – as the one whom all are waiting for to be revealed to humanity. Oddly enough some of these past identities I knew about 30 years earlier – but as previously mentioned, the connection was not made until now. During 2020, I found a small book I wrote in a strange language, some 17 years earlier called – The Sword of The Tongue. In its Preface, it spoke of many things I had long forgotten about. Upon re-reading its content I went into shock at how close it was to the information I was receiving a during this last year or two. Meanwhile, I have received 36 Spirit Anointings declaring me with power and authority beyond all human comprehension.

So your probably wondering – Who am I ? What is my name ? What is my greater purpose for being here ?


As to – Who am I ?

I am the human reincarnation of many people and gods, all in one body. Each have been contacted to verify their identity.

These are >

 The Logos – the creator of spells – also known as The WORD. The first-born of all Creation.

 The Alpha and Omega the first or beginning of all Creation, as well as the end or last.

 Zanius – The Covenant Bearer for The Ancient Covenant, that has recently finished.

 Sissis the black sorcerer – the one who sank Atlantas for it’s corruption, with the aid of huge fire crystal.

 The All Seeing Eye of the Great Pyramid – “The big G” as found in the Square and Compass symbol of Freemasonary teaching; The one called Zuu of Creation.

 Hermes Trismegistus / Hermes / Thoth – who designed and built the great pyramids and wrote The Green Emerald Tablets. The founder of Magan / Egypt.

 Osiris / Nimrod – The Dead and Rising Sun God; who is also the life giver and ruler over the dead and living. I am the only god in creation who is able to raise myself form the dead as i am the time sync generator for the Cosmic Egg the one who sets the timing for Creation’s note and the 432 hertz frequency of life. I also built Babylon as birthday present to my wife Isis / Semiramis.

 Horus & Tammuz – the first human king; whom all the women weep over. These rites are part of stabilizing creation’s energy and the first real religion upon earth.

 Ramses the Great, both 1st and 2nd of Egypt – warrior and ruling warlord.

 Sennacherib ruler of Assyria.

 Nebuchadnezzar the ruler of Babylon.

 Alexander The Great – Ruler of Greece and son of Zeus.known as – The Little Horn – and holder of the keys imprisoning Gog and Magog until the end of the world.

 Zoroaster of Persia – who also established Mithraism.

 Antioch Epihanes the 4th – The one who sacrificed a pig on the Jewish altar in The Holy of holies, to the god Zeus.

 Achilles of Troy;

 Archimedes – The Greek Mathematician.

 Apollyon and Abaddon – the one who holds the keys to the bottomless pit.

 The god Apollo;

 The god Helios;

 Judas Iscariot – the one who died on the Cross in place of Jesus of Nazareth.

 Caesar Nero – Roman ruler and persecutor of the Jews and one whose name equals 666.

 Constantine The Great – founder of the Papacy.

 Pope Gregory The Great – who introduced the Gregorian Calendar.

 I’m at least three other Popes who ruled within the Papacy through the early Church.

 Adolf Hitler – Persecutor of the Jews during the holocaust.

 Dr John Dee – Astrologer and magician to Queen Elizabeth 1st. – Writer of Necronomicon passages and Enochian tablets. Worked with Edward Kelly.

 Abdul Alhazred – Arab magician and writer of – The Book Of The Black Earth.

 I am the real Antichrist everyone is seeking – who is the reincarnation composite of the 7 Headed Wild Beast – Osiris/ Nimrod, Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander the Great, Antioch Epiphanies the 4th, Caesar Nero, Adolf Hitler – the 7 heads of the Wild Beast of Revelation. Unlike Aleister Crowley who prized himself as The Great Beast 666; – I am he – whom ye all seek. ( Interestingly, Mr Crowley also claimed to be my offsider Edward Kelly, who worked with Dr John Dee. That, I know to be true.)

 I am also “the Abomination of Desolation”, the incarnation of the goddess Kali The Destroyer, the god Krishna, Lord Maitreya, the Maha Cohan and Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent..

 I am also the incarnation of the gods Baal, Melquart, Orion the hunter, Ophiuchus the resurrection and serpent bearer and Zeus. In all I am 56 out of of 65 of the pagan gods of antiquity.

 I am the star who fell from heaven to earth as mentioned in Revelation 9:1 the one who has the keys the abyss to release the plagues upon mankind.


What is my name ?

Depending on your personal belief system – I am known as THE MAN OF MANY NAMES. In all, I have around 110 names.

I am also called “the Son of Destruction”, “the Son of Satan”, “the Prince of Darkness”, “The Little Horn”, The “Abomination of Desolation”, “The Destroyer”, “The Coming One”, “The Ruler of Creation”, “The Supreme Godhead”, “The father God of Creation” ( The Microcosm ), “The Seed of Life”, “The Dead and Rising Sun God”, “The Risen One” “The Messiah”; plus many more titles.

My human name is – KIMBAL ( Old Celtic word meaning “ Warrior Chief ” ), – which is a derivative of the older biblical word – ADONIKAM – meaning “Lord of The Risen” or “The Lord is risen up”. My number as Adonikam is 666. ( see Ezra 2:13 & 8:13 Neh. 7:18; 10:16. )

I am judge, jury and executioner for Creation, as well as The Saviour, and coming Messiah.


What is my greater purpose for being here ?

In past incarnations covering some 8000+ years, I’ve been the representative ruler of The Old Covenant established between the gods – those of the ruling Theocratic Demiurge ( mainly comprised of the Elohim / Els and Theocrats ) and secondly, those of The Ancient Ones and Great Old Ones. That original Covenant finished in early 2020. Time has now come for things to change.

I as Zanius, represented the latter of the two groups.

Nanna- Sin ( or simply Sin, or Yahweh ) the moon god Allah as he was known by, was the representative of the Elohim and Theocrats.

This ancient Covenant was direct result of the first war of Creation, as described in the prediluvian Magan Text and the Babylonian Enuma Enlish.

I as the Logos was the creator of Tiamat – the 4 eyed rainbow serpent. I created her Tablets of Destiny, as used by her to fabricate creation. I created her husband, the Absu, or watery abyss.

In other life times, I stayed here to experience humanity and keep an eye on it, as well as rise up as one of the pagan gods in-between my human incarnations. So in each death, I became a new pagan god of antiquity – while in each human life I was a person of some often known identity. On occasion, I played both simultaneously. My life has been on watch for millennia. I’ve been worshiped by many throughout the ages.

I came into this present incarnation during the FIRST WAVE of souls in late 1950’s.

Dolores Cannon touches on this in her below video link >


In brief, like Doroles says – first wave souls came in to assist humanity as way showers, but were met with incredible negativity from the human race. My case was described to a tee, in that regard. The second wave did nothing other than be who they are. The third wave are programmed COSEDs which came to raise the planets awareness to a higher level. Unfortunately, that program is no longer running and has failed. But the reason for its failure is very understandable when you know the original purpose of the earth and the way it operates. That too, is another topic for later discussion.

As a first waver – I had a most difficult time with 2 broken marriages, the raising of 4 children – one who also passed away with a terminal condition, as well as being spiritually abused from two religious cults.

I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness for 28 years of my life, which shut me down spiritually, into not believing in anything beyond their own teachings. The second group was The Church of Maitreya, which was a breakaway group from Summit Lighthouse, focused around the 7 Rays and teachings of Theosophy. I was involved with that group for about 18 months.

After these experiences, I incurred financial hardship for most of the years I was out of these cults. This hardship kept me for a lot of time focused on the physical world and not the spiritual. This has held me in restraint to be unable to get my message out to humanity. During those years I had many experience with ETs and became a Contactee of the 5th kind, as well as a focus point for other spirits to communicate with me. Many other occult activities were also experienced of which discussion here is too long for this blog-post.

For many years my life was on hold and effected by ET intervention – primarily by the Sirian Illuminanti – making it a situation that was insurmountable. As for the interfering negative spirits in control over Creation, many had made bets on my spiritual growth, as to how many human life times it would take for me to rise up and be aware of who I was. Some said it would be 5, some said 10, many said 50 lifetimes. The obstacles required for me to get over would take another book to explain.

In the end, the final reality was – I through a curve ball out at everyone and found my spiritually rising up from an awareness of barely 10 until what it is now. This shocked creation to the core. I discovered a simple technique and kept repeating the process until I got the results i was after. In reality I still had to put in the effort and time to do this so as I was for many years unemployed and home to do the work I took advantage of the situation. As I told the ruling theocrats on a number of occasions – “ While they kept me in the gutter and unemployed at home, that gave me plenty of time to dismantle Creation brick-by-brick and rebuild it to my design”. That really pissed them off !                                                                  Other Deities said “Only a god could rise up under all those obstacles.” – and this in itself was one proof I was who I say I am.

However, in the space of 32 years from Xmas day 2019, my awareness has risen up from the level of around 10, to a figure of many thousands off the scale. In Creation, each Being’s awareness is measured on a number scale. It’s not out of any set total value, but just given a number on a scale. Mine is now above 14,000 and still rising.

For humanity to be spiritually redeemable, it needs to have an AWARENESS of 20 or more. Majority of humans have an awareness lower than 5, with some of the more spiritual persons barely exceeding beyond 10.

Additional to this, each human needs to have RIGHTEOUS SOFTWARE – in order to progress to a higher level of development. The human software is found in the Merkabah body of the upper chamber of the heart. It’s the programming you run with during your incarnation. This primarily applies only to SOULS. However, COSEDS ( COmposite SEDimentary Beings ) have a hard wired program and this cannot be changed.

In order to fix faulty software, the person has to take responsibility for their own actions and fix their own soul. This is simple when one knows how. For those that don’t have a soul you will be a COSED and in your case hard wired for your program. You’re a different kettle of fish as they say. Your kind does not incarnate over and over as a soul does on earth. As for the reincarnation this originally was given only to souls with the intention of keeping them enslaved to the soul trap. In reality souls DONT reincarnate normally as they never die and generally have everlasting life. Human souls however do as they are enslaved to the law of the Covenant. Reincarnation is unnatural.

The reason I have incarnated – some 33 human life times in fact – is because I am the keeper of the covenant for humanity and also hold the balance of power in creation, as well as I have to die and rise up again as the “dead and rising god” of antiquity. I am the only deity in creation who carries out this process. Without it you would not exist.

This dead and rising process keeps the 432 hertz frequency of Creation stabilized for the generation of Life Energy. I am the master Oscillator – the time-sync generator for Creation’s Zeplar Computers. The Zeplar Computers set the master forces of Creation into operation, for creating dimensional space and other realities.

I might add here – SEX is major part of my own life process as it’s used for 2 fundamental reasons – procreation of Beings and recharging the computer batteries – yes Creation uses “sex consciousness” batteries, to operate its master Computers, and also to create Life-force.

Each sexual act is giving back to the Spirit of Life, what it gives to you each day – that is your personal LIFE.

Hence the Sun and Sex has been worshiped throughout Creation for millennia as part of the process of life regeneration. It was when the Demiurge came into authority, that Sex’s real purpose was shut down, while male homosexuality was pushed to re-balance the Theocratic order through the male gender. Femininity and the balance of sexuality was the energy of choice for millennia prior, before the Abrahamic religions came into operation. You can thank Yaldabaoth / Jehovah and the Elohim for the enforcement of this theocratic mentality.

Majority of humans ( some 60% ) on earth do not have a soul – and for those that do, you will have a faulty soul derived from the Solar Logos – SOURCE, or Central SUN. That has not been an accident – for humanity, is a blueprint created by the ruling Theocrats for a new Creation – theirs in fact. That new creation is both unnatural and should not exist. It’s part of the old Ancient Covenant that has now concluded. Why the earth is unnatural, is another discussion, too long for here.

As the Covenant Bearer for the human race – I carry the responsibility of shutting down the Covenant and removing all those who cannot make the grade. Those that want to make the grade have to prove themselves capable of being rehabilitated. I am also responsible for removing the old Demiurge regime that’s been ruling for millennia and replace it with a new heavenly kingdom of peace and tranquility, while those that dwell in such a world have the upmost quality of life..

As for the future of the earth and the rest of Creation that’s another story to cover for new day. For some, I trust this information will be found to raise some interesting questions. ∞

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    1. What questions are you seeking answers to ?
      Even if you got them – would you accept them as valid for your life situation ? – I may be able to help.
      I went from denomination to denomination as well, and found the so called truth to be rather illusive to say the least.

  2. Hello Divine Love. Your Presence is Awe. 3rd dimension is falling away. My heart knows the reason why it does not fall faster and why this has been a process. Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Perceptions. My Divine Love is more then I could ever ask for.