The Awakening Journey

We started our YouTube channel around 2019 to help people to come out of traumas and to help people finding their purpose.

The reason was that, we went through a massive spiritual awakening biblically known as born again by entering into our wilderness, our journey started around 2016 after my father passed away. When I first met Kelly at our local church in 2008, I didn’t know that he was a survivor of child molestation, until he was able to reveal that to me during our journey. I have come to understand that all his actions which provoked me into having all our arguments was due to his trauma that he was suffering everyday. Thank God after our wilderness period, we became new by the complete transformation of our mind which the Bible refers to as being transformed by the renewing of the mind through born again. It’s a complete phenomenon experience that we too find it very difficult to put into words but as we continue to gather knowledge from all people, we begin to understand what we experienced. Today we are experiencing a mind that is completely empty of all memories (it’s unbelievable when we speak of it but when you experience it, you will understand what we are telling you)

During our process, we found ways on how and what to do to go about cleansing our minds by filtering our thoughts. Our memories comes from experiences and so to erase these memories we have to experience it onces more and become aware of it to release this past event in our memories and that is the process of self healing.

While still doing the self healing process, we become aware of finding our purpose which will be revealed to you when you slowly cleanse yourself. Finding purpose helps you to focus on life and be at present Moment. Being at present moment is not having memories of the past. To be truly present in the present is to have a childlike mindset which we all have experienced it once in our life and knows what it feels like, to be completely free, inorder to experience this freedom of not worrying about anything like we used to do as a child is to go through the self healing process. It’s a process no one can do it for you and is done by yourself. It’s a process to identify our weaknesses like traumas, emotions (we need to understand emotions we experience each day, they are part of us and we can’t escape from emotions thus self healing is to discover ways to control them from overpowering us in a loving way) and behaviours we have today.

The whole journey 

Kelly and Jessica Angoman

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