Strange Things Happening To Me

Hello everybody, I want to tell you my story about studying mysticism, the Law of Attraction and using LSD.

I started microdosing this substance in November 2018, because I had heard that it would improve creativity, give you new insights, help you heal mental issues (I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for many years), microdosing LSD helped, especially against anxiety, it gave me more courage, doing things I was scared of doing, more strength and even more endurance during sex. At the same time I was studying the Law of Attraction, reading books by Neville Goddard, Florence Scovel Shinn, Joseph Murphy and others, I was very unsatisfied with my appearance, money situation, and relationships with women, so I started doing strong affirmations while under LSD and writing down what I wanted. I have to say it worked partially and I manifested some of the things I affirmed and scripted.

So I continued using it, almost without break for three years, then last September I took too much and had a bad experience where I thought an entity had come to take my life, I struggled a lot but I made it and didn’t do stupid things, but something changed after that day, for the first time I really started to understand that there is a spiritual world invisible to us and that we really could be spirit having a human experience, also I was seeing much more often synchronicities with numbers. Unfortunately I didn’t stop taking it and last February after taking another microdose, my heart started palpitating like crazy, for one week I could barely sleep and had high body temperature, and I felt very confused overall. From that moment I stopped taking the substance.

This has been going on for months now, and last moth I even started to have tinnitus in my left ear.

Some nights I really struggle with sleeping, I also have bad dreams where some entities has come to take me from this world.

I don’t want to end my life now, I still have so much I want to accomplish but I am really struggling. I started meditating regularly and I have seen that it helps I also continue doing affirmations and tying to visualise myself healed and happy.

I don’t know if what I am experiencing is a spiritual awakening or I just screwed up my mind.

If you have some advice for me I would be very happy.



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  1. Hi Lorey,

    I came across your message with a “reason”. That’s why I sign up this web.

    First of all, “Embrace” yourself. Give yourself with a ~Big Hug ~🙇
    Second, “Nature” yourself. Find yourself with a ~ Big Tree ~ 🍂 and “Hug it”.
    Next, “Heal” yourself. Ground yourself with a ~ Big Sunlight ~ ☀ and “Stay 15 mins”.
    Last, the most important “choice”; “Clear” yourself. Free yourself with a ~ Big No ~ 🌈 and “Away from Dose…Any of All”.

    Remember this, we are here to “experience” life, not to “project” life. The power is ❤️.
    🔃 as Above so Below, as Within so Without🔃
    The truth of “law of attraction” is 💓.
    🔃 as Below so Above, as Without so Within🔃

    You are “love and protect” by the Universe💗

    Stay strong 👊

  2. Most of neville Goddards books are based on scripture promises and biblical understanding . You have to find the meaning of what was written in the bible ,and then apply it to your life . The law of attraction can be used for things that can hurt you, I would suggest that you read Thomas Troward, he knew the same things Neville knew but he urged responsibility in applying the law.