My story

I’m Cedric AGBOTON from France.

Seven years ago, I left my financial Manager position in a multinational. 

It was a well paid job but I always felt like a cog in a machine. I could no longer stand another human being deciding for my days, my salary, my vacation, my life in one word. 

 I started my entrepreneurial journey which became a life changing one. I traveled a lot in Asia, met new people and I discovered that I built my life on a conception of the world put into me by my parents, TV, my positive and negative life experience. 

I decide to look for the truth. 

I have been learning a lot in different areas with a unique focus : do what feels aligned for me. 

I lacked money for basic needs but I rarely felt afraid because the universe always presented a practical and unexpected solution to me. 

Lack of money was so tense that I had to leave my family for a while. My wife wanted me to get back to a job. It was a complete no…

During that period, I experienced the dark night of the soul. I managed to connect all the dots in my life. The remaining part of bad ego died. 

I reconnected with my family a couple of weeks ago: wife and kids. Finances are improving and the future looks bright. 

Today, I’m giving teachings to my young kids so that they understand the life principles early, so that they can find their own path earlier than me. 

I understand that I’m an old soul experiencing an earth life to help thousands of people in their own spiritual awakening. 

Happy to share this in a like-minded community of people. 

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  1. Wow what an inspirational life journey you and very interesting. I would love to know more about the old soul bit and how you came to the realisation of that? Stay blessed