!!!Could ADAM and EVE be like the good and the bad

the one that choose DEVILL over GOOD

so all life long they try to blame each other like its you and its you

but the ])eV!]_ is so tricky he allways thinks he wins he changes forms “shapeshifter”

and gathers more and more people around him like YIN AND YANG

but the AllMIGHTY GOD knows the truth but he chooses to see if we as people can fix this problem

so he can give us the EDEN BACK if we manage to fix this

and every one in a family has someone who is allways trying to get fed on that bad energji around others

so thats the “EVE” energji , be it your wife , sister , mother , father you gotta detect it

and see how it reacts if you just don’t feed it with bad energji

this is whats happening on the Planetary scale “AS Above So Below , As Within so Without”

they get fed on bad energji so they keep pushing and pushing us DOWN

so they can squeeze the every little baddnaes that it is inside us

we gotta change the game

we gotta show our GOD that we are really good,there is goodnes inside us , there is truthness inside us

THERE IS BELIVE INSIDE US , We Belive in goodnes , in GOD , in GOD WITHIN !!!

WE Enough fed the BAD The Devill, Choose to feed GOOD , choose to feed GOD!

And with what you feed that good energji ? with what you feed your GOD ?!

WITH GOODNES WITH SHARING we do that with making people happy , we do that we doing ourself happy ,

we do that with what we say , we do that with what we eat ,with what we do !


Every civilization has had a high hope for US they knew we could do this ,we knew we could do this

THAT’S Why we are here , that’s why they helping , it’s our time to SHINE!!!

!!!That’s why we are AWAKEN , to shine our LIGHT !!!!

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