Emotional Healing

Emotional healing has probably been the toughest part of my journey thus far. Having to get past certain stigmas I’ve let live in my world all my life I could no longer run from as the universe gave me a clear sign it was time to release these emotions and move forward. I allowed these things to ruin relationships as well as most importantly, my self confidence. The universe constantly put me in position to face these cliches until I was able to deal with them in a manner in which I could heal. I would have the same dreams over and over and over every night. Then, the situations would start to occur in the physical. I then innerstood it’s purpose clearly. Once that day happened, my heart became light as a feather, anxiety? Gone, Fear? Gone, worry? Gone!! Now I can look at life from a birds eye and not just first person❤️ Peace and love everyone!

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